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Re: [OT] 2 access points wireless setup

On Tue, 2007-12-25 at 10:50 +0000, Mihira Fernando wrote:
> On Mon December 24 2007, Javier Vasquez wrote:
> > Hello,
> >
> > I wanted to setup 2 access ponts, 1 per floor in my house (for some
> > reason the signla doesn't reach the other floor no matter which one I
> > place the AP).
> A thick floor can do that.
> >
> > What I've understood is that I then would need to use the same SSID,
> > and perhaps the same channel, and WEP if used for both, or same WAP
> > key if used for both.  Is that right?  Would the right thing be to set
> > different SSID's instead (I guess if so then maybe different channels
> > are required to prevent interference)?
> If you plan to use the same SSID,WEP keys then use different channels. 
> Easiest, set the APs on auto channels.
> >
> > I'm wondering, since I know there might be interference between the 2
> > AP's, and I don't know what would happen in the zones under which both
> > AP's are reacheable, only one stronger than the other...
> If this is the case, do NOT use the same ssid. It can get quite messy if the 
> zones overlap and you have the same ssid.
> If your AP supports the repeater function, set one to be a reapeater for the 
> other zone.
> Mihira.
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  One being a repeater for the other wouldn't work if your wireless
isn't making it through the floor to begin with. 
  Run a cable upstairs (if you haven't already) then use both APs with
identical SSIDs & key (and method, WEP, WPA, etc) but definitely
different channels. Channels also overlap, so pick channels that are a
few apart. You actually need to be 5 channels apart to be completely
overlap free.


A few instructive pics about the channel distribution.
http://paradigma.pt/ja/slog/wp-content/uploads/80211-frequency-channel-map.JPG http://images.google.com/images?q=wifi+channels

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