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Re: Preventing IP conflict

T o n g a écrit :
It's now the third time that I bumped into such situation. All of sudden I
suffer from network delay and package lost, can't ping DNS server but can
ping some IPs that is connecting to my box.
I have suspected my cable, kernel version, etc, etc, and until today,
after rebooting into Window$ and noticing the warning message, did I
realize that all above is caused by IP conflict -- there is another box on
the network using the same IP address as mine.
We know it is definitely because of the malfunctioning of our
organization's DNS  server. But if I report it to our technical services,
I know for sure that I am the person to be blamed: "Why are you using
Linux? We are primarily a Window$ shop here. Linux is not supported".
That's the life that I have to live in. I'm wondering if there is anything
at my end that can prevent/eliminate the problem.


Don't confuse DHCP and DNS. DNS is a protocol which transform adress name in ip address (www.google.fr-> for example). When you are on a network, there are two ways to have an IP address : static or via DHCP. As it was said by Douglas, if you have a problem under windows, it is not a linux problem but a network problem.

First, as Alex ask, do you use dhcp or static ip ? under windows and under linux ?

Second check, as Douglas said, that the mac address are the same under the 2 OS In windows, start a console (execute "cmd" command under xp to launch it) and enter "ipconfig /all"
In Linux, start a root console and enter "ifconfig"
Check also the ip address at this time (it can be used later).

When your problem come back, use the command i gave you (under windows or under Linux according the case) and report immediatly the information to the network administrator. At this time, it can search on the network where the ip address is used from another machine.

Beware of laws too. In some businesses, if it's windows on all the machines, it can be a contract and they can't use Linux while the contract lives. So the network administrator may not help you in that case or it can be dismiss.

Hope this helps

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