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Preventing IP conflict


It's now the third time that I bumped into such situation. All of sudden I
suffer from network delay and package lost, can't ping DNS server but can
ping some IPs that is connecting to my box. 

I have suspected my cable, kernel version, etc, etc, and until today,
after rebooting into Window$ and noticing the warning message, did I
realize that all above is caused by IP conflict -- there is another box on
the network using the same IP address as mine. 

We know it is definitely because of the malfunctioning of our
organization's DNS  server. But if I report it to our technical services,
I know for sure that I am the person to be blamed: "Why are you using
Linux? We are primarily a Window$ shop here. Linux is not supported". 

That's the life that I have to live in. I'm wondering if there is anything
at my end that can prevent/eliminate the problem. 


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