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Re: I have a SSH connection and need GUI installed

webjay wrote:
I have X tools on my Mac.
I also have "X11Forwarding yes" in /etc/ssh/sshd_config
I have installed xnest.

But I guess I need either Gnome or KDE?

No, not necessary.

On my Leopard Mac, I go into the HD, then /Applications/Utilities, and fire up X11.

This opens an xterm.

In the xterm, I enter "ssh -X westk@myserver.mydomain.com", and log into my Debian box with my normal Debian password for "westk".

Now I can run any of my apps by entering their name. For example, to run Iceweasel, I enter "iceweasel &". Here's some other examples:

icedove &
konqueror &
gimp &
xterm &

Just for kicks, I tried "startkde &", and interesting things happened. But by "interesting", I mean, "interesting like a train wreck". I bet you could get KDE to run properly, but it's more hassle than I'm willing to put into it. The full environment seems to clash with the OS/X environment. If I need KDE-ish stuff, I'd just run the individual apps, like "kwrite &".


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