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OT: iPod Touch and Linux?

My wife won an iPod Touch on a raffle last Friday.  After playing with
it for a while I've almost given up on the idea of keeping it.  A lot of
 surfing and experimenting later I've found the following:

* libgpod (which is used by both gtkpod and amarok) in Debian Sid only
has read-only support for the iPod Touch (requires a jailbreak and
installing SSH, which I've done).  That seems to mean that iTunes is the
only way of syncing music and audiocasts onto it.  Ouch.

* It doesn't have a flash decoder.  All it offers is a H.264 decoder.
This means that most videos on the web can't be watched.  I've failed to
find details on how to convert flash (and other format) videos to
something that the iPod Touch could play.  So even if I find a way of
sticking videos on it I still can't play them :(

Does anyone have any pointers on these issues.  Or is the only option
left to me to put it for sale on ebay and buy a Nokia N800 for the money?


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