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Re: Syncable finance app?

On Dec 4, 1:40 am, John Miller <jmil...@thecsl.org> wrote:

> When I eat out at a restaurant, I'd like to be able to enter
> the amount of the bill, plus a little note, in my Palm IIIxe (yes, I
> know--it's dated), which will then automatically update my check
> register.  I'd also like to be able to sync this information to my Linux
> desktop, adding/editing transactions as necessary.

I think most in your situation would get a credit card (a separate one
for business expenses if needed), then download the transactions from
the card into your financial software.

Why make entries in a palm device?  Why not let the bank do it for
you? Most software remembers the last category you used for Joe's
Restaurant or Pete's Hardware and automatically categorizes it for
you. It's a two-second download into your register. Or at worst a
download plus import on Moneydance or GnuCash.


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