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Syncable finance app?

Hello everyone,

There are plenty of personal finance applications out there for Linux (GNUCash, gAcc, etc.), but with all of them, you must make entries on your PC. When I eat out at a restaurant, I'd like to be able to enter the amount of the bill, plus a little note, in my Palm IIIxe (yes, I know--it's dated), which will then automatically update my check register. I'd also like to be able to sync this information to my Linux desktop, adding/editing transactions as necessary.

I've been using Checkbook, a freeware program for the Palm. I can sync my info to my computer with pilot-link/jpilot/gnome-pilot, but I can't edit it directly or import the info into another program. Is there any sync-aware checkbook/finance program out there? Are there plugins for GNUCash or similar that will allow them to sync with a PDA?


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