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Re: Syncable finance app?

On Tue, Dec 04, 2007 at 02:15:56AM -0500, John Miller wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> There are plenty of personal finance applications out there for Linux 
> (GNUCash, gAcc, etc.), but with all of them, you must make entries on your 
> PC.  When I eat out at a restaurant, I'd like to be able to enter the 
> amount of the bill, plus a little note, in my Palm IIIxe (yes, I know--it's 
> dated), which will then automatically update my check register.  I'd also 
> like to be able to sync this information to my Linux desktop, 
> adding/editing transactions as necessary.
> I've been using Checkbook, a freeware program for the Palm.  I can sync my 
> info to my computer with pilot-link/jpilot/gnome-pilot, but I can't edit it 
> directly or import the info into another program.  Is there any sync-aware 
> checkbook/finance program out there?  Are there plugins for GNUCash or 
> similar that will allow them to sync with a PDA?

One of the gnucash devs was working on something like this. I think
it's called cashutils or something like that. The dev was Neil
Williams and he was working hard on getting some backend access to
gnucash that could be used with a Palm or similar device. Check
linux.codehelp.co.uk but I don't know what state any of that is in. 


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