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volume mgmt w/o gnome

Hello.  I use fluxbox most of the time.  But, when I plug in my hp315
photosmart camera, I rely upon gnome to find it, and automagically
mount it for me.  Is it possible to completely remove gnome, and just
mount this camera (or other USB storage devices) myself?  Or, and even
better, find a utility that, sans gnome, can automagically mount the
camera itself?

Also, I use kmix for a volume control, because this seems the only
application that provides a small speaker applet on the fluxbox panel
to control sounds.  I'd like to get rid of it, and the kde libs that
accompany it.  So, is there a fluxbox-specific volume control that sits
nicely on the panel? (Preferably one that actually looks like a volume
control, and not something gawd-awful looking?)  If not, fine, I'll
just use xmixer, or alsamixer, or something.  Still, there really should
be a something other than kmix, for a volume control, that can sit
nicely on the fluxbox panel.


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