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Re: volume mgmt w/o gnome

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On 12/01/07 17:42, Mark Grieveson wrote:
> Hello.  I use fluxbox most of the time.  But, when I plug in my hp315
> photosmart camera, I rely upon gnome to find it, and automagically
> mount it for me.  Is it possible to completely remove gnome, and just
> mount this camera (or other USB storage devices) myself?  Or, and even
> better, find a utility that, sans gnome, can automagically mount the
> camera itself?

Presuming that you, as a fluxbox user who always has lots of xterms
open, log in at the console instead of the Eeeevil [xgk]dm:
- - Log into VT1 as root and run # tail -f /var/log/syslog
- - In VT2 log in as yourself and plug in the camera.
- - Flip back to VT1 and see which device it loads as (sda1, etc.)
- - run # blkid /dev/sdX1
- - Put in your /etc/fstab:
UUID="<whatever>" /media/camera vfat defaults,noauto  0  2

Obviously, /media/camera must exist...  Then remove the camera and
plug it in again.

Now you should be able to type:
$ mount -v /media/camera
$ ls -aFl /media/camera
$ umount -v /media/camera

If that works, purge GNOME, and fire up fluxbox.

That same technique should work for any USB or Firewire external
storage device.

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