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Re: NVIDIA and mplayer now working

On Sat December 1 2007, David Fox wrote:
> Yeah, every time you update the kernel you have to redo the nvidia
> driver for that kernel, it's a hassle, but not too terribly difficult
> (I finally got it working with the nvidia in the 'sid' repository) but
> I am still using the same kernel (2.6.22-2) that I was using before -
> but I do dist-upgrades once a week or so. It should be that
> dist-upgrade doesn't automatically upgrade the kernel, but that
> depends on whether you install the numbered version explicitly vs. the
> 'generic' 2.6 package (linux-image-k7 or whatever), AIUI.

it wasn't that it just did a kernel update, it was also broken on my box 
before that.  or maybe it was the kernel update ( again...)

> > running Debian testing.
> > NOW my NVIDIA driver is working again, and so is mplayer.
> > so it looks like the fact that the nvidia driver wasn't working also
> Yeah, it's good to have the nvidia driver, but things should still
> work even with the 'nv' driver. Other than being slower, I hadn't had
> problems running vlc or mplayer. Sometimes -vo options help, such as
> -vo X11 or other choices. One thing I never got to work right was the
> -vo mga/xmga output driver when I had a Matrox G450 card (I gave it
> away). That seems to have worked with Mandrake but I never got the mga
> driver to work with Debian's mplayer.

yeah, I know I can change it to nv every time, but it IS much slower!!! 

Paul Cartwright
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