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Re: server login with SSH

Jochen Schulz wrote:
I set-up a plain vanilla, samba (intranet) server for a computer lab in my school. I've done this before with SuSE and have switched to Debian Net install.

If you have started with a minimal installation, you probably don't have
openssh-server installed.
This is the case with a vanilla install as I have discovered myself recently, just install
the openssh-server and you will up and running

I have the kids SSH into their accounts to change their samba passwords but the connection is now being refused by the server. there is no problem accessing home folders. I checked the /etc/services file and port 22 seems to be open (not commented out). What should I check next?

/etc/services is just a mapping from ports to service names. It isn't
used for packet filtering, it's just there for your convenience.



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