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LDAP - howto get linux to talk to exchange/AD


I agree - problem is DEFINITELY ldap authentication; forget about exim....

my exchange server is setup to accept clear text, and anonymous OK (even though I'm not trying to be anon).

here's the thing - I have no idea what is going on between ldapsearch, and my exchange server.

I've tried netcat'g the host:389  to see if I could evesdrop, but to no avail.
I've tried telnet'g to the host:389, and DO connect, but have no idea what the communication should look like, and I get no responses at all regardless of what I try.

ldap is definitely running - I can run custom queries, and ldap://queries thru my windows browser with success.

the problem IS debian authenticating w/ the exchange server.

Can someone tell me some way to diagnose just what is happening in this communication between ldapsearch & ldap server ???
Or can someone point me / show me   how a structured communication to the ldap server would look like, so I can try sending it thru telnet - just to see if I can get it to work that way.... Then I can try & figure out what ldapsearch is sending...


TIA - Bob

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