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Re: kernel headers and vmware

On Nov 19, 2007, at 6:54 PM, Steve Kleene wrote:

On Mon, 19 Nov 2007 16:25:58 -0600, Hugo Vanwoerkom wrote:
I use VMware Server 56528 and am quite happy with it.
Wished I could start vmware + XP without the intervening prompts of the

I've been very happy with 39867 except that the moment my USB scanner starts to scan, it crashes the whole virtual XP machine. The manual indicates that
the behavior with USB scanners is unpredictable.

Engineering = "If you plug USB scanners in, sometimes it blows up. Don't ship yet." Marketing = "Put 'Behavior with USB scanners is unpredictable.' in the Readme and ship that crap. I need a new Porsche."


Nate Duehr

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