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Re: WINE under Lenny

On Nov 1, 2:10 pm, John Masters <johnmast...@oxtedonline.net> wrote:
> Tried (paid for) Crossover Office sometime ago. MS Office worked mostly
> but nothing else did, including iTunes, which was my main reason for
> purchasing.

For what it's worth, there's been progress on running iTunes 7 on
Wine lately.  It still can't find your iPod, but at least it can
buy music from the iTunes store and play music.

The breakthrough was that the Wine developer who knows
the most about crypt32 managed to get a gig working
on Wine for the summer, so he was able to work on it
full time.  Now Wine's crypt32 support seems up to snuff,
and some other part of Wine is holding back iTunes.
- Dan

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