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Re: xfce window manager

On Thu, Oct 11, 2007 at 07:15:39PM +0100, Adam Hardy wrote:
> Andrew Sackville-West on 10/10/07 23:09, wrote:
>> killall xfwm4 && wmii
>> ooh, that's ugly, but it sorta works. leaves the panels all over the
>> place when you switch back. Its always fun to mess with a DTE by
>> swapping out the wm for something completely unrelated. Its funny
>> watching it try to figure out what to do...
> Haha! That was fun while it lasted (about 5 minutes). I can't get my head 
> around that wmii paradigm - it feels like a morph of vi!
> I couldn't figure out how to launch programs apart from the old xfce 
> desktop which was acting like its own window. And then of course it didn't 
> launch anything maximised.

you launch programs with the dmenu program. You call it with Mod-P (I
recommend remapping that to something else as it intereferes with some
gtk apps) and then start typing. It pops up a list of matches (in the
status bar) that gets selectively more relevant. Its kinda fun
actually to try and come up with the shortest unique set of keystrokes
to get the program you want. Mod-P c-e-w <enter>  gets iceweasel on my
box. I suppose it depends on what you have installed though. 

> I figure, I could just save a session in xfwm with all the apps I usually 
> use open and maximised and that would be 80% of the way there.

that would probably work. 

Also you can set ~/.xdefaults for some apps with geometry settings
that make sense for you.

and FTR, I don't really think you could successfully pull off using
wmii within xfce like that. Its really made to run on its own. And,
i've moved on to xmonad, as it seems to do a couple things better for


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