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Re: xfce window manager

Andrew Sackville-West on 10/10/07 23:09, wrote:

killall xfwm4 && wmii

ooh, that's ugly, but it sorta works. leaves the panels all over the
place when you switch back. Its always fun to mess with a DTE by
swapping out the wm for something completely unrelated. Its funny
watching it try to figure out what to do...

Haha! That was fun while it lasted (about 5 minutes). I can't get my head around that wmii paradigm - it feels like a morph of vi!

I couldn't figure out how to launch programs apart from the old xfce desktop which was acting like its own window. And then of course it didn't launch anything maximised.

I figure, I could just save a session in xfwm with all the apps I usually use open and maximised and that would be 80% of the way there.


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