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Re: Gnome delete user

Douglas A. Tutty wrote:
On Tue, Oct 02, 2007 at 12:23:19PM -0500, Jim Hall wrote:

Background: Two Etch installs literally accross the street from each
other with different owners. Mixed up my notes and installed a user
account from the first on the second. The Gnome user manager tool won't
remove the home directory (I don't know if that's the only thing it
won't remove). I would really like to completely remove the user before
adding the correct one so I can show the owner a GUI way of doing it.
BTW, "completely" means not a speck or trace of the removed user left.

Question: Is there what might be called an "industrial strength" GUI
user manager tool that will remove a user as though it never existed?

I would guess that it follows the /etc/deluser.conf file's options with
default to not removing the home directory.

Why not just remove it as root?


> If the users home directory is all I need to be concerned about, I can
> show him how to do that (he'll have to learn how to use a file manager
> anyway). I need to be certain that that is all I need to show him to do
> after removing from the GUI tool. At this point, having him modify a
> conf file could be a disaster in the making.

Douglas A. Tutty wrote:
**** First, sorry for getting my reply mixed up. I inserted yours. ****

deluser only worries about the user's home directory.  It doesn't go
perusing the whole filesystem looking for files owned by that user.
Most user's can only write to their home directories and to /tmp and
/var/tmp so it shouldn't matter.

***** OK, that tells me what I need to know. If I want to stay GUI (at least to start) the user manager plus deleting the home directory works.

As for the conf file, its only one line to uncomment.  You could email
it to him.

***** After I've done the above, I can change the conf file (incl. below). Am I correct in assumeing that changing any "=0" to "=1" activates that option?

# /etc/deluser.conf: `deluser' configuration.

# Remove home directory and mail spool when user is removed

# Remove all files on the system owned by the user to be removed

# Backup files before removing them. This options has only an effect if

# target directory for the backup file

# delete a group even there are still users in this group

# exclude these filesystem types when searching for files of a user to backup
EXCLUDE_FSTYPES = "(proc|sysfs|usbfs|devpts|tmpfs)"

You could set his box up to allow you to ssh into it, or dial in if he
has a modem.

***** I could, but I don't really want to be THAT available!

Teach him how to use mc so that he has something not GUI incase X ever
breakes on him.  It has a nice editor too.

***** True. I usually install mc, but only for my use. Most Windoze users don't seem to get it early on so I forgot about that use for it. Good reminder.



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