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Re: Tool for document management

On Tuesday 25 September 2007 10:16, Steve Lamb wrote:
>     I do not see this as the case.  I took your suggested to google on
> those terms and what I found in the first 3 pages of hits were many, many
> "Open Source" solutions which were Windows only, pared down versions of
> enterprise solutions.  Many of those did not fit my requirements.  Most
> were written in JAVA which is something I'm not going to consider.  Oddly
> enough on the second page was a hit for Subversion so we must not be too
> far off the mark.  ;)
Hi Steve. I have been watching this thread for a while and it occurred to me 
that I might have a suggestion that has not been mentioned. I have recently 
been learning to manage a very involved site that uses Mediawiki as the main 
software. It actually is very simple to use and it does provide virtually 
every component that you have listed as needed, so far. Not something I 
ordinarily would recommend, but you have been at this plenty long enough to 
figure out how to adapt it to your needs. I would only be concerned as to the 
real power that you require, might be like nuking flies instead of swatting 
them. However if you feel that you will involve a number of people working 
from several locations, then check it out. let me know if you have specific 
Best wishes!
John W. Foster

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