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Re: efficiency of windows managers

"Pál Csányi" <csanyipal@gmail.com> writes:

> Have you read /usr/share/doc/stumpwm/README.Debian [3]?  It contains
> information about how to start StumpWM.

I tried this too, and I think it takes a great deal for granted.  There
is just too much assumed about what you know for this stuff to work,

> If you want to start StumpWM from Emacs (which is not my advice),
> fire-up SLIME and then give only the two last commands:
>   * (asdf:oos 'asdf:load-op 'stumpwm)
>   * (stumpwm:stumpwm)

Yes, I tried this, but it didn't work for me.  And swank has its own
troubles, as far as newbies are concerned.  I did get it working kind
of, but it was never too solid, and tends to cause more problems than it
would ever be worth to me.  Since I am a lisp newb I just doubt that
there is much I can do in the way of hacking stump on the fly. ;-)

> Howewer, because I'm CL newbie, I can't to start stumpwm on Debian Etch.

I feel your pain brother.  Believe me, the thing to do is to just use
CVS stump, compile it to run with sbcl and then load it via .xinitrc.
That way it just runs like any other WM, and is loaded in the same way.
Way better method if you ask me.


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