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Re: Tool for document management

On Sep 25, 2007, at 7:17 PM, John Hasler wrote:

David Brodbeck writes:
TeX is awesome for writing books and scientific papers.  If you're
writing a letter to Grandma, though, OpenOffice is better suited.

Now _that_ sounds like driving a semi truck to the supermarket to pick up a
bottle of milk.

Depends on your perspective, I guess. It just feels like by the time I get all the preliminary verbiage TeX needs typed out, I could have written the whole letter in OO. Also, looking at my copy of 'The Not So Short Introduction To LaTeX,' it's not clear to me what document class I'd use. They're all going to be a bit clumsy and inappropriate. It's not an "article", it's not a "report", and it's certainly not a "book"...

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