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Re: Repost of some earlier described "challenges"

El mar, 25-09-2007 a las 21:33 -0500, Mike McCarty escribió:
[snip of something I can't help with]
> She can't associate multiple queues with a single printer,
> but there is already another thread about that. There is
> currently no work around, but there is hope that using the
> CUPS I/F directly may work.

Let us know when you try this out. I have several instances of each
printer created in cups each one with different configuration
(grayscale, color, color high quality) and it works great. Using gnome.

> So far, she's unable to get her printer to full functionality.
> I kludged up a printer description which sorta works, but
> not fully. It's an HP, but I don't at present recall the
> exact model number. It is a combined Printer/FAX/Scanner.
> So far, it just prints either in greyscale or color, depending
> on how we've edited queue at the moment. We can't select different
> print quality, color/greyscale, or any other options except by
> editing the one queue associated with it. It is also supposed
> to be able to read and print camera memory sticks, but that
> only works in stand-alone mode, with no way to get the info
> from the printer to the computer. Supposedly, this works
> with THE OTHER OS, though that is unverified. Anyway, at
> present it's running with my kludgy edit of another printer
> description file, not one from Debian, and just as a simple
> printer, it can't even do a realign. None of the other
> functions are currently usable.

Does she have the hplip package installed?

It includes an app called hp-toolbox which let's you do all the tasks
you would do with the hp-director in WS (i.e. the cartridge
cleaning/realignment, see how loaded the cartridges are, etc)

> Another issue which has never been posted: She installed more
> memory. She had 512 MB RAM, and now has 1.5 Gig. Unfortunately,
> Debian seems only to recognize just under 1.0 Gig. I haven't
> looked on the web for a fix for that, so I haven't posted
> here. Part of the reason I haven't gone searching for a
> solution, is that her reaction to that was to purchase a copy
> of Windows XP.

apt-get install linux-image-686-bigmem

> She's sorta impulsive, sometimes.
> Partly, she also wants access to a disc which was formatted
> by Windows NT, and which she considers she has no access to
> at present. (Not quite true, but I try not to argue with her
> very much. It is true that she has some apps on there which
> won't run under Debian.)

ntfs-3g if it is ntfs.

> I dunno how much progress will be made, even if I can make
> everything work by Saturday evening. She seems kinda to have
> made up her mind. I have, um, limited influence over her
> behavior. :-)

Well, the windows' been bought already...

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