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Re: LEDs, gnome-power-manager, and ThinkPads

* Bill Wohler <wohler@newt.com> [2007 Sep 05 02:53 -0500]:
> Bill Wohler <wohler@olgas.newt.com> wrote:
> > I'd like to turn the light to the CD-ROM off when I suspend and then
> > back on when I resume. This can be done by calling "echo 4 on >|
> > /proc/acpi/ibm/led" and "echo 4 off >| /proc/acpi/ibm/led". Can these
> > commands be run by gnome-power-manager when suspending and waking up?
> I discovered /usr/lib/hal/scripts/linux/hal-system-power-suspend-linux.
> I can either hack that directly (yuck); however, I see I can also
> resurrect my old /etc/acpi/sleep.sh script.
> But the way it's set up, if I provide /etc/acpi/sleep.sh, I also have to
> know how my system is suspended, which isn't user-friendly. I think it
> would be nice to provide pre- and post-suspend hooks instead. Thoughts?

I gave up on the "one size fits all" power management utilities for my
T23 and went back to my scripts.  I did learn enough that I retained
the uswsusp package and use its s2disk utility.  I also use powernowd
and KDE's battery monitor.

My script is 100% reliable suspending to RAM while the various other
utilities were not.  I do think that the T23 is old enough that it
doesn't support ACPI all that well even with BIOS updates.  So my
manual scripts work well with it.

- Nate >>

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