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Re: Where and how do I install a TTF font?

On 09/02/2007 08:24 PM, Nelson A. de Oliveira wrote:

On 9/2/07, Mumia W.. <paduille.4061.mumia.w+nospam@earthlink.net> wrote:
Unfortunately, evince doesn't show the barcodes on my system. In fact, none of evince, xpdf, gpdf, and kpdf can see the barcodes.

To have Evince displaying the barcode I did this:

Created a hints file:

begin /usr/share/fonts/truetype/ttf-barcod25/Bar25ifh.ttf
  Family = Bar.25i.f.HR
  FontName = Bar25ifHR-Regular
  Encoding = Unicode
  Location = English
  Charset = ISO8859-1
  GeneralFamily = Roman
  Weight = Medium
  Width = Variable
  Shape = Normal Upright
  Priority = 20

Installed the font as
/usr/share/fonts/truetype/ttf-barcod25/Bar25ifh.ttf and then run
"/usr/bin/defoma-font reregister-all hintfile"

At least I can get Evince displaying the font with this. But I can't get it on xpdf or acroread.

See if you can get the barcode font embedded in the PDF file.

The PDF is generated by a third part online system that we use here.
We don't have control over the PDF.
We want to change all machines running Windows to Linux, but the only missing thing is this barcode font on the PDFs. Windows displays them correctly while we couldn't make it works on Linux :-/

Thank you!

Best regards,

Okay, here's one way to get it to work without changing the PDF file.

Create a file named ~/.xpdfrc with these contents:

include /etc/xpdf/xpdfrc
fontDir /usr/share/fonts/truetype/ttf-barcod25/

Warning, the .xpdfrc file must be properly set up or *no fonts* will be rendered in xpdf; every character counts.

I did this as a regular user. You might want to make this global by adding the appropriate fontDir specification to the /etc/xpdf/xpdfrc. Back up the old version first; a single mistake in that file could render xpdf useless.

I hope this helps.

A potentially even better way to handle this is noted in /etc/xpdf/includes.

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