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Re: Acceptable CPU temperature range of idle computer?

Felix Karpfen wrote:
> Since upgrading from Sarge to Etch, my CPU temperature appears to be
> running 5-10 deg.C higher; immediately after booting it is a healthy 30
> deg.C and it creeps up to 45-50 deg.C within an hour.  On the idle (?)
> computer there are some 120 processes running and the system load is about
> 40%.
> Am I heading for a problem?
> The documentation says that the CPU is:
> "Socket 478 for Intel4/Celeron"
> and I have failed to locate any reference to an acceptable temperature
> range.
> All advice will be gratefully received.
> Felix Karpfen
Although you don't seem to refer to a notebook computer, this site may
be of some help:

On notebook computers with no load I see temperatures (with the command
acpi -V) as follows:
pentium 4m     1.9 GHz: 45 deg C
pentium-m      2 GHz  : 41 deg C
turion64 MT-40 2.2 GHz: 50 deg C

Under load these cpus can heat up far above 60 deg C.

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