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Re: SVG broke after installing Pidgin unstable package

I wrote:
> What would require that?  So things change: so what?  Why do you think
> you have to keep up?

Doug writes:
> Two reasons: bug fixes for any problems I would notice (things not
> working)...

Just upgrade packages in which you find troublesome bugs (and which have
been fixed in Sid).

> ...security-related bug fixes for problems that I don't notice but that
> are important.

Pay attention to security-announce and upgrade packages as required.

> Applying a security fix generally involves downloading a new package.

It does not involve constantly dist-upgrading.  There is no need to upgrade
Sid packages just because new ones are available, which is what "keeping
up" implies.  While some evidently find it amusing to do daily
dist-upgrades it is by no means necessary.
John Hasler

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