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Re: SVG broke after installing Pidgin unstable package

On Sun, Sep 02, 2007 at 18:17:29 +0200, Rickard Lindberg wrote:
> Hi,
> I wanted to install Pidgin on my new Debian Etch setup. I found that the
> package was only available in the unstable repository, so I added that to my
> sources.list and installed it. Some other packages (dependencies I guess)
> also got installed.

That is not a good idea, but I guess you know that by now. In fact, I
think it is easier to run a completely "unstable" system than to run
such a mix.

> After I did that and restarted X, it seems like the SVG support broke in
> gnome. I can not use SVG backgrounds for example, and some icons don't seem
> to work.

If your X still works then maybe the damage is not so bad.

> I'm now wondering:
> - Can I revert what I did?

"Downgrades are not supported." This does not mean that they are
impossible, though, just much less convenient than upgrades. If you are
lucky you only have to install the "stable" versions of all your
previously upgraded packages manually. If you are not so lucky then some
further messing around with system configuration files will be required.
It could be that it is simply quicker to reinstall stable than to try to
fix the present state.

> - Can I see what packages on my system comes from the unstable repository?

Install the package "apt-show-versions". Then you can run this:

apt-show-versions | grep '/unstable'

Post the output here and we can have a look.

You can also check out /var/log/dpkg.log or at /var/log/aptitude (if you
used aptitude to perform that upgrade) to see a detailed protocol of
what happened.

> - Can I install a package from the unstable repository, but all its
> dependencies from the main repository? (Given that the dependencies exist
> there)

The problem is that most of the time the packages from unstable depend
specifically on the unstable versions of important system libraries and
you end up breaking things.

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