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installing java plugin in browsers other than Iceweasel in amd64 etch

Dear Debianists,

I use Debian Etch 4.0 r1 (amd64) on an amd64 box. I use Iceweasel. I installed the gcj java plugin that is available as a deb file into Iceweasel and it works after a fashion.

But not perfectly. I have found that a number of distillation calculation applets I have used don't work at all or not properly.

I found this by comparing the results of running the applets in a WIndows environment that an IT manager I know uses......

They all work correctly for him.

I then went to the Blackdown site and replaced the gcj plugin with the amd64 java plugin that Blackdown provide.

It took quite a bit of farting around to achieve this.

What is interesting (at least to me) is that the errors in the applets are identical whether I am using the gcj plugin or the Blackdown plugin......

I mentioned this to the IT guy. He wondered whether the java I am using might actually be fine, but something in the browser is preventing the applets from being displayed properly.

He suggested trying a different browser.

I assume (and please could you confirm) that the code in for the gcj java plugin and the Blackdown plugin are different enough from each other that they wouldn't necessarily produce exactly the same errors in the display and functioning of these applets.

If that is true then perhaps it is indirect evidence that there is something not quite right with the browser in some way.....

If this is the case, what other browsers are there available in etch 4.0 amd64 land (Epiphany is one I think) and in particular which ones are different enough to Iceweasel in code and java display technology that I might expect to get different (maybe better) results with these applets in my case?

The gcj deb file seems to be automatically installed in Iceweasel. How do you get apt to install it in e.g. Epiphany or other browsers?

Comments appreciated

Michael Fothergill

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