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Re: Poor Xorg performance in Etch

On Sun, Aug 19, 2007 at 09:04:13AM -0400, Marty wrote:
> >New observations after further testing: First, I think I was mistaken, and 
> >this problem does not occur in my other Etch system.  Secondly, top shows 
> >only one CPU pegged at 100%, while the overall CPU  utilization is 50%, 
> >suggesting that the other CPU is idle.  Taken together these seem to 
> >suggest a possible SMP or motherboard issue (MSI K9MM-V).
> I posted too soon. Apparently the image setting had not taken hold, and 
> when I did disable it the problem went away, both in Iceape and Konqueror. 
> This seems odd because the page is mostly text, with only a few small 
> images.  Now I am guessing there is some kind of image library issue.

Just to clarify what you're seeing in top: 0.0%wa ?

I've found that the browsers pre-render and store stuff in memory which
slows down the system when it starts to swap, or it saves stuff to the
disk cache with the same result.  Since I often access my browser via
ssh from my slow box, I've found that Konq stores rendered pages in the
Xorg server whereas iceweasel stores it locally.  My X terminal box only
has 64 MB ram so if I need to view a complex/graphical page or multiple
tabs I'll use iceweasel, otherwise I like Konq.


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