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Re: Weird cron behavior

Frank McCormick wrote:
> Damn! 10 seconds after I wrote the mail below I did sudo crontab -l
> and got:

As I was sure that you would.  :-) :-)

> 0-59 5 * * * sudo aptitude update

Yeah!  The problem has been found!  I was confident that it was in
there somewhere.  Glad that things worked out.

> How the he** did that get into there?? Would it be part of a cron or
> anacron update??

I am sure it was the work of either poltergeists or gremlins.  It
should not be part of any system package and if so would be a
violation of policy.  Packages would use one of the whole files in
/etc/cron.* and not the personal SysV style crontab.  Those are for
the humans and not for the programs.



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