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Re: Recomendations - becoming a C soldier.

Orestes leal <orestesleal13022@cha.jovenclub.cu>:
>  Hi folks, 2 weeks ago I began to learn C, my advances are very
>  good, my question it's that, The topic sounds funny but it's mostly
>  serious,
>  QUESTION: Studying C 'every day' 4 hours with good understanding,
>  writing at least 10 programs to test this knowledge every day, the
>  question it: How Long Can I become a very 'very' good C programmer
>  to the point to hack in some kernel of some system or writing good
>  apps without some trouble?

Have you looked at the kernel source?  Can you make heads or tails of
it?  How long do *you* think it would take, based on your progression
so far?  Some of that stuff (memory management) makes Linus' eyes cross.

As for writing apps, consider looking into wxwindows, FLTK, and Simple
DirectMedia Layer (SDL), libraries which may help.  SDL is at
http://rosettacode.org/wiki/Creating_a_Window I think.  They can all
be found in Debian repositories and google.  I *think* I like SDL the
most from what I've seen, but your goals may/will differ.

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