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Re: How to add dir to path

Manon Metten(manon.metten@gmail.com) is reported to have said:
> Hi Wayne,
> On 8/10/07, Wayne Topa <linuxone@intergate.com> wrote:
> Are you doing all of this in KDE?  If so I have no clue.  I would
> > suggest you go to a console VT and enter the path statements I showed.
> > Then, if it doesn't work there, there is a real problem ...
> Yes, I was doing this in KDE. I start bash from an icon on my panel
> (it's run as /bin/bash --login). I tried what you suggested, switched to
> tty1 and logged in as manon. It said "Hello World..." to me, coming
> from the 'echo' line I previously added to .bash_profile. Same result
> in tty2.
> Well, there's definitely something wrong here, but it isn't really much of a
> problem no more, coz I put my scripts in ~/bin now, as Andrei suggested.
> And the problem seems to be related to starting a new bash session, not
> to a tty or opening a new bash window.
> However, obviously something is really messed up but I don't know
> where to look for a solution.
> The strange thing also is, when I put PATH=~/XX:"${PATH}" in .bashrc

I have never seen this way  of defining a path [ PATH=~/XX:"${PATH}" ] 

I learned PATH="a path:a new path"  everything inclosed in quotes. I 
think (?) i tried your way yesterday and got strange results but I
deleted that test file so ....

I'm not saying (anymore) your way is wrong, just that I have never seen
it done that way before.  I know the "" "" works and never looked into
it further.


> Confusing, huh?


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