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Re: Recomendations - becoming a C soldier.

On Fri, 10 Aug 2007 20:30:58 GMT
"s. keeling" <keeling@nucleus.com> wrote:

> Orestes leal <orestesleal13022@cha.jovenclub.cu>:
> >  Hi folks, 2 weeks ago I began to learn C, my advances are very
> >  good, my question it's that, The topic sounds funny but it's mostly
> >  serious,
> > 
> >  QUESTION: Studying C 'every day' 4 hours with good understanding,
> >  writing at least 10 programs to test this knowledge every day, the
> >  question it: How Long Can I become a very 'very' good C programmer
> >  to the point to hack in some kernel of some system or writing good
> >  apps without some trouble?
> Have you looked at the kernel source?

yeah, to the ata drivers and many more, 

> Can you make heads or tails of
> it?

In the 'hard' areas not yet, but i'm making progress learning from various
packages like coreutils and compiz.

>  How long do *you* think it would take, based on your progression
> so far? 

I think 4 to 6 years to be optimistic, i'm wrong?

> Some of that stuff (memory management) makes Linus' eyes cross.
> As for writing apps, consider looking into wxwindows, FLTK, and Simple
> DirectMedia Layer (SDL), libraries which may help.  SDL is at
> http://rosettacode.org/wiki/Creating_a_Window I think.  They can all
> be found in Debian repositories and google.  I *think* I like SDL the
> most from what I've seen, but your goals may/will differ.

yeah, I use SDL since I learned C so I think that it's a very simple API,
but I'm far away fro be a good c programmer since that I beend around
with C for about 2 an a falf week or so.

Thanks for your replies,
Best regards,

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