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Re: nfs problem while internet access broken

Stephane Durieux wrote:
>  client <-> server <-X-> internet 
> That is exactly my issue . Excuse me for not being
> clear ! Anyway, has somebody a solution .
> I have read that client and server must be able to
> make a reverse resolution of the client and the
> server, but I am not sure of it and I don t have an in
> depth knowledge of nfs . 

The nfs server will try to do a dns lookup of the client ip address to
find the client hostname for the purpose of logging this information
to the system logs.  One the server can the client IP address be

  $ ssh server
  $ host A.B.C.D   # look up client IP address

Does that succeed?  Example:

  $ ssh www.example.com
  host domain name pointer www.example.com.

I suspect that your DNS on the server is not functioning.


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