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Re: nfs problem while internet access broken

--- Bob Proulx <bob@proulx.com> a écrit :

> Stephane Durieux wrote:
> >  client <-> server <-X-> internet 
> > 
> > That is exactly my issue . Excuse me for not being
> > clear ! Anyway, has somebody a solution .
> > I have read that client and server must be able to
> > make a reverse resolution of the client and the
> > server, but I am not sure of it and I don t have
> an in
> > depth knowledge of nfs . 
> The nfs server will try to do a dns lookup of the
> client ip address to
> find the client hostname for the purpose of logging
> this information
> to the system logs.  One the server can the client
> IP address be
> resolved?
>   $ ssh server
>   $ host A.B.C.D   # look up client IP address
> Does that succeed?  Example:
>   $ ssh www.example.com
>   host
> domain name pointer
> www.example.com.
> I suspect that your DNS on the server is not
> functioning.

I have noticed that my clients are not declared in
/etc/hosts if I put them in /etc/hosts (and in nis
table to be useful) everything is find.

Nevertheless I don t understand how the nfs can make a
resolution via dns of a a client whith a private
Perhaps does the server reply it it s impossible and
everything is fine to log it 

But thanks a lot, it s certainly the SYSTEM LOG that
is implied ... I ll check it ... ...now it seems me a
little bit more logical !

I was so lost that I have thought they were magical
dark spirits behind this :) 

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