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Re: ntfs mount errors

On Wed, Aug 01, 2007 at 04:49:04AM +0200, pinniped wrote:
> (quote)
> I still have the problem. ie. The windoze partition is
> mounted automatically fine, but I can only cd to it if I am root.
> (end quote)
> Do:
> man mount
> Look at the 'Mount options for ntfs'. All your mysteries are explained 
> there - for example:
> "... By default, the files are owned by root and not readable by somebody 
> else."
> So you need to set the uid/gid and umask. You really want 'root' to be the 
> owner anyway so I guess you only want to change the gid to the 'disk' group 
> and make sure you have a sensible umask.

Be careful there, members of the 'disk' group can do nasty things on
your debian box too.  Perhaps create a new group who can access the
windows partition, put those users into the group, then use the gid=
parameter in fstab.  However, this doesn't affect the uid.  I can't test
this further since I haven't run windows since 3.1 and never played with


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