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Re: Need newer software that included with stable (that isn't at backports.org)

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On 07/28/07 16:30, Tim Hull wrote:
>     Sure other OSs do: Try convincing OpenBSD that you want a newer kernel.
>     They'll tell you to wait six months.  OTOH, NetBSD is a hacker's dream.
>     Take your pick.  FreeBSD may also do what you need but I haven't used it
>     yet.
>     I agree that it would be nice to have something a litle more often than
>     we get with Stable but a little more stable than Testing, but it
>     doesn't
>     exist.  To make it exist would pull developers' time from the system as
>     it stands.

There actually are other distros besides Debian.  Maybe one of them
better suits OP's needs.

>     For this reason, and not in any way to tell you to go away, you may wish
>     to consider one of the BSDs.  They can run binary linux apps in
>     compatibility mode while having a large repository of packages ready to
>     install.  Their pkg_add is very similar to apt-get; I haven't found
>     anything equivalent to aptitude ncurses interface.
> I must say I definitely did consider that.  FreeBSD looks like a lot of
> what I may want - it's ports is second only to Debian's package tree in
> software available, and each port can be updated independently.  On the
> other hand, its hardware support lags behind Linux somewhat.  Debian
> actually seemed most in line with what I wanted, as it seems like the
> least monolithic of the distributions and the most stable.  I even seem
> to remember a Debian developer speak of incorporating backports and
> making stable images with updated kernels for hardware support available
> at some point.  

That's what Volatile is for.

> In any case, I don't mean to irritate anyone.  I'm just pointing out
> what I have found, by far, to be the #1 drawback of most Linux
> distributions - either you're stuck with what the distro gives you for n
> months, you install packages from some unofficial repo (if you're
> lucky), or you futz with tarballs - and see if anyone is working on
> solutions/is doing anything other than the obvious.

As I mentioned before, many upstream authors make RPMs of their
creations.  Maybe Fedora really would be better for you.

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