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Re: adduser kills sound pt. 3

Oleg Verych wrote:
> Rick Spillane wrote:
> > In the future, I will *not* use adduser, and I would
> > recommend that Debian have this application not be in the default path
> > or some substitute that issues a warning.

Strange.  adduser has always worked perfectly for me.

> Funny, i've discovered, how bloated adduser is yesterday, while
> developing my aggressive distro-cleaner. Now i'm thinking about
> writing patches at least for exim4 and cron to have support for
> ordinary useradd from passwd package.

It is Policy for packages to use adduser and addgroup.  Patches to
avoid using it would be a policy bug by definition and should be


Bloated?  What do you mean?  If I don't include documentation because
most people consider documentation to always be a good thing then I
only see these files.  How is adduser bloated?


If there is a problem with adduser then it should be reported so that
it can be addressed.  The BTS does not show anything too scary.  It is
in heavy use by thousands of users.  I think that specific examples of
problems need to be shown before we can start thinking that there is a
problem with adduser.  (Although I am sure that the code could be
improved.  That is almost always true of any project.)


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