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Re: which package can compress VCD file to a different format?

ffmpeg, mencoder, and transcode are obvious tools for this, but
getting nice enough results can be pretty tricky... lots of codecs,
lots of options... very little time...

avidemux is a very nice gui app that is meant to be "virtualdub for
linux" - but the first avi that I tried to compress from 2.1GB to
700MB, had playback problems due to bad handling of B-frames in the
original clip. YMMV.

I'm currently using ripmake - a perl script that generates a makefile
that runs transcode and other tools. It's rather easy to use, and it
can also generate a sample clip, so that you can tune the parameters
before running the complete job:

ripmake -c 1 clip.avi avi  # "-c 1" selects one cd target size
make -f clip-avi.mak rip

All tools courtesy of  the debian-mutimedia repo.

Have fun,

Serena Cantor wrote:

> Thanks!
> I'm considering first convert it to AVI, then convert it to real media
> but converting avi take too much time and space,
> besides, real media is not open source
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