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Re: how to shift from stable to testing

Andrei Popescu <andreimpopescu@gmail.com> schrieb:
>> I would _not_ recommend switching to aptitude on a system on which you
>> have used apt-get until then, though. In most cases, this leads to
>> problems (e.g. aptitude trying to remove your complete graphical
>> environment). Not to unsolvable problems, but nevertheless - apt-get is
>> absolutely fine, so there's really no need to face these problems at
>> all.
> According to the maintainer of aptitude, these problems should have been=20
> solved, even before the release of etch. Even if not, one can still run=20
> 'aptitude keep-all' or use the "Cancel pending actions" from the=20
> "Actions" menu.

thanks for the info! I just don't switch between apt-get and aptitude
after having experienced problems a few times, so it never occured to me
those problems could have been solved in the meantime :-)

Still, if you're used to apt-get, I don't really see a reason to switch.
I always recommend aptitude, but never tell users to switch from apt-get
on a running system. If I should, please let me know the reasons.


- Silke -

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