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[debian-user] Subject Confusion

I get hundreds of email a day including email from the Debian List.

Nearly all other Linux lists use square brackets to enclose a meaningful
word for the list identification. Most everyone in the world uses "Re",
"Re ", or "Re:" which is fine when the subject is prefixed with "[List-ID]".

I don't seem to have a way of filtering the Debian List email from non
Debian email because of this
insistence of the Debian List to use "Re" at the beginning of the
subject.  Whereas, I have no such problem with the greater majority of
other lists because the first part of the subject identifies these other
lists. Also, and only from the Debian Lists, I get BLANK subjects --
lots of them.

The point here is that it would be nice as well as professional if one
could automatically filter and view email according to a single
convention which most of the other lists have done.  In my view, using
"Re subject" when "subject" can be anything is confusing and blank
"subject" makes no sense to me at all.

I use (and will continue to use) THUNDERBIRD for Linux, MS, and other
email correspondence. Perhaps someone could suggest how I might bridge
this problem with Debian email.

Thanks -- Ted Hilts

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