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Re: Subject Confusion

Ted Hilts wrote in Article <4693A569.9040700@telus.net> posted to

> I get hundreds of email a day including email from the Debian List.
> Nearly all other Linux lists use square brackets to enclose a meaningful
> word for the list identification. Most everyone in the world uses "Re",
> "Re ", or "Re:" which is fine when the subject is prefixed with
> "[List-ID]".

What, the universally used List-Id or X-Mailing-List header isn't good
enough for you?  :o)  Subject lines are a user-set header, and not supposed
to be mangled by machines.
> I don't seem to have a way of filtering the Debian List email from non
> Debian email because of this insistence of the Debian List to use "Re" at 
> the beginning of the subject.  Whereas, I have no such problem with the 
> greater majority of other lists because the first part of the subject 
> identifies these other lists. Also, and only from the Debian Lists, I get 
> BLANK subjects -- lots of them.    

man procmailex (and if you don't have that manpage, install procmail; it's
designed to sort mail).

Paul Johnson
Email and IM (XMPP & Google Talk): baloo@ursine.ca

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