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Re: restarting pump (DHCP) automatically when network unavailable at boot time

On 2007-07-03 17:33:46 -0600, Bob Proulx wrote:
> Vincent Lefevre wrote:
> > But then, I don't see why I should use 'allow-hotplug eth0' instead of
> > 'auto eth0'.
> It is not required to use allow-hotplug but that is the new way of
> doing things.  The new debian-installer will set things up with
> allow-hotplug.  Then machines such as laptops with a pcmcia slot or
> usb device can have network devices go online and offline in a nice
> hotplug fashion.  Same for any other hotpluggable device.

There seems to be a difference. When I used 'allow-hotplug eth0', pump
was no longer running. I've done the same test with 'auto eth0' (i.e.
boot with the network cable unplugged, then plugged it in again), and
'pump -i eth0' was still running... but after 5 minutes, the interface
was still down. 'pump -i eth0 --status' was saying 'Operation failed.'
(at boot time, this was normal since the cable was unplugged, but this
doesn't explain why it was still saying that more than 5 minutes after
plugging in the cable). Running 'pump -i eth0' brought the interface


1. 'allow-hotplug ath0' doesn't seem to work (either it doesn't start
   pump or it kills it), but I doubt that pump is the cause since it
   is still running if I use 'auto eth0'.

2. There's a bug in pump, as it doesn't seem to try again if DHCP is

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