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Re: dist-upgrade problem

On Sun, Jul 08, 2007 at 14:16:53 -0400, Zach wrote:
> On 7/8/07, Graham Williams wrote:


>> Unless you have a specific reason to stay with tetex, might be best to
>> just go with the flow. My observation is that the transition, left to
>> apt-get, works just fine.
> Ok and will all my commands like tex, latex, texmf, latex2html still
> work the same with texlive?

I have made the tetex -> texlive transition in March this year. I have
not noticed a single problem with (la)tex-related commands since then.

> work the same with texlive? dist-upgrade says it needs to download
> 256MB and I am on dialup modem :( Most of this seems to be texlive-*
> packages so it seems much bigger than tetex, there is also some gnome
> upgrades.

The newest versions of the tetex-* packages are now transitional
packages. Some of them will pull in a lot of texlive-* packages which
you might not need. If download and/or installation size is critical
then it might be better to uninstall tetex completely and choose to your
desired texlive-* packages yourself.

You can start by installing the "texlive" metapackage which will give
you "a decent selection of the TeX Live packages which should suffice
for the most common tasks". Then you can decide if you want to add some
of the more specialized packages. The following command will give you an
overview of all texlive-* packages, including a short description as
well as the download and install sizes:

aptitude -F '%p %60d %D %I' search '^texlive-' 

If you only want to see packages which are not installed yet then you
can use this:

aptitude -F '%p %60d %D %I' search '!~i~n^texlive-'

>           BTW since texlive-* is replacing tetex why didn't apt say
> "The following packages will be removed: texlive-*"?

The texlive maintainers did not specify Conflicts/Replaces fields yet.

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