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Re: dist-upgrade problem

On 7/8/07, Graham Williams <Graham.Williams@togaware.com> wrote:

tetex no longer exists (except historically) and to automatically and seamlessly

Hi Graham,

Wow, this is news to me. What happened the project was going strong
just 1-2 years ago. Did all the developers suddenly abandon it? How

transition people to the new TeX (texlive) the tetex packages are
probably empty packages depending on texlive. Thus apt-get is trying
to upgrade you.

Unless you have a specific reason to stay with tetex, might be best to
just go with the flow. My observation is that the transition, left to
apt-get, works just fine.

Ok and will all my commands like tex, latex, texmf, latex2html still
work the same with texlive? dist-upgrade says it needs to download
256MB and I am on dialup modem :( Most of this seems to be texlive-*
packages so it seems much bigger than tetex, there is also some gnome
upgrades. BTW since texlive-* is replacing tetex why didn't apt say
"The following packages will be removed: texlive-*"?


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