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Re: RAD tool for debian?

On Fri, Jul 06, 2007 at 06:11:22PM -0700, trillich wrote:
> [nice workflow, documentation first :) -- but RAD includes RAPID. coding in
> python and fortran puts that out of reach. we're looking for a gizmo that
> reads the tables (we may need to specify which tables relate to which others
> -- has_a, has_many, etc) and produces web forms based on the data
> structures: page with the invoice table shows 'person' popup menus in place
> of the person_id field, for example.]

So what about www-pgsql?  It may mean coding an sql view or something.
I never got too far into sql coding since it was easier to use the
language I already knew (python).  

> > For an html front-end to postgres, try www-pgsql.  I haven't tried it
> > but the description in aptitude looks like what you may want.  It
> > depends on what you mean by license-free.  Its free by the DFSG (its in
> > the main section) but I don't know specifically what licence it is.
> > 


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