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Re: Configuring for skype


I was checking the Skype website and I saw that Skype- is for Debian ETCH. You have said that you are using Lenny (me as well). I also have installed Skype, but I did it using Synaptic Package Manager instead of downloading it from the Skype downloads website.

In Synaptic you will find Skype also, in my case it is Skype, and it works pretty well. I'm not sure, but this could be part of the problem.

Have you got any experience using Synaptic Package Manager?
Whether you do or not, try to install it from any repository.

About me, I'm using an ACER notebook, TravelMate 2301LM. Have you got any problem with your sound configuration before?

Kind regards.
Oscar Blanco García
Ingeniero Electrónico - Universidad Nacional de Colombia
Teléfono: Casa: +57 1 687 0019
              Celular: +57 3133890451
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Bogotá, Colombia
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