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Re: Configuring for skype

A. Ben Hmeda wrote:
andy wrote:
Hi all

I have recently downloaded and installed Skype onto my lenny system and when I am configuring it by making a test call, apparently there is a problem with my sound system. I have gone through the various options in the Skype settings, but am wondering if there is something that I should be doing with respect to my soundcard.

Has anyone any experience with Skype to let me know what I am overlooking?



check alsamixer >>F4 >> mark your capture device (mic) by highlighting, using arrows, then spacebar. what version of skype? what type of soundcard? some versions did not like my OSS soundcard, I'm using the latest static version.

Dear all

Thanks to those who replied. Sorry - it would have been useful for me to have supplied more info with my original post.

My soundcard is an EMU10K1-SBLive5.1 and I am attempting to use Skype- from the Skype download site. When I go and test the connection, the error message I get is: "Call failed: problem with audio playback" - nothing more.

This is some data I captured from running KControl/Sound & Multimedia/Sound System/Test Sound from the konsole:

server status: running, will suspend in 58 s
real-time status: not real-time
server buffer time: 46.4399 ms
buffer size multiplier: 1
minimum stream buffer time: 46.4399 ms
auto suspend time: 60 s
audio method: alsa
sampling rate: 44100
channels: 2
sample size: 16 bits
duplex: full
device: default
fragments: 2
fragment size: 4096

I have attempted to capture the mic in alsamixer, and still the same error. The online info I have found hasn't been very useful, effectively suggesting I try:

modprobe snd-mixer-oss and modprobe snd-pcm-oss

Any other tips or suggestions please?

many thanks



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