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Re: weird aptitude behavior

On Mon, Jul 02, 2007 at 11:07:29AM -0400, Matt Miller wrote:
> I just installed Etch on an old Mac G3 to act as a multi-purpose
> server for my house. I'm having trouble with aptitude though. When I
> wanted to install postfix, aptitude wanted to install something like
> 109 packages! Many of them x11 related... I used apt-get instead.
> Now when I go to install MediaWiki, I get different results depending
> on if i install mediawiki or mediawiki1.7. When installing mediawiki,
> aptitude wants to install x11-common and mozilla-browser? What's up
> with that? Do I have something configured incorrectly?

Run aptitude interactively (no parameters) and choose options.  It
sounds like you have the default aptitude behaviour of assuming that
'recommends' are hard dependancies.  I always turn that off.  

Run interactively, when you tell it to 'g'o ahead, it presents a list of
what it wants to do; also a list of packages recommended by packages you
are installing, from which you can choose if you wish.


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