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dsc.py: Automated warnings for Debian security updates

(Sorry if you see this twice, but I never saw the first copy come

I'm announcing a program I've written for notifying the administrator
about necessary security updates on a Debian box.  It's called Debian
Security Check (dsc.py).

Often it's not obvious that a security advisory applies to a
particular system.  This is especially tricky with libraries (think
fast: do any of your services depend on freetype?).  It would be nice
to ignore the flood of advisories that come in from
debian-security-announce and only pay attention to the ones that
actually require action on your part.

dsc.py compares the set of currently upgradable packages with the
security advisories RSS feed.  Any matches are written to stdout along
with a description of the issue.  When run via cron this will send the
warning to the administrator on a regular basis until the upgrade is

A full description and link to the program is here:


Adam Hupp | http://hupp.org/adam/

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